Today is not a day for logic and reason. It isn’t a day to point out the distinct fact that despite being swept in Atlanta the Nats still have to be very very bad to not win the NL East. Today is not the day for that. It is a day for anger and rage and the raw outpouring of emotion. The plain and simple fact is the Nats failed. Just like they did in April when they were battling the Dodgers for the best record in the NL, and just like they did against the Yankees in June when trying to prove they could play with the big boys. Face facts today. The Nats failed. The reason that it happened doesn’t matter as much as it did happen.

The Braves would have to play out of their minds while the Nats completely fell apart in order for the Braves to win the East. As of right now there is about a 3% chance that it happens, but it isn’t impossible. The possibility might exist on the outer realms of reality, but this is Washington DC where only heartbreak is none among sports fans.

At times like this it is hard to keep the emotions in check. To just look at the raw facts and the details that the Nats should and more than likely will win the NL East. This is a time when writing becomes an exercise in┬ácatharsis. I have said before that I want this to be over. I want to know how this all ends. Baseball is a long season full of ups and downs and after enough ups and downs it can start to wear thin. We are reaching the last gasp of the season and baseball is often predictable, but it sometimes isn’t.

Every team the Nationals play from this point out are fighting for the second Wild Card spot and none of them are going to give the Nats a break. None of these games should be even and although the Nats have entered most series in these later parts of the season with the best record in baseball it is still hard to look at these series and think of the Nationals as the favorite. It is much easier to still look at them as the slightly better than 100 loses 2010 variety.

I have come to realize that I will never be able to get use to these new Nationals. The Nationals that are good and it is rare when they lose a series and even more rare when they get swept. I want to see them win and I want to see how this all ends, but I would like to see it over with sooner than later. I would like to be able to wear a Nats NL East champs t-shirt while the season is still going on.