There are some moments you wait for that you don’t even know you are waiting for. I wasn’t much of a baseball fan when I was growing up. I tried to watch the playoffs and at times I would watch a Braves, Cubs, or Orioles game on cable, but mostly I didn’t watch much baseball. I knew who the big name players were like Cal Ripken Jr., Barry Bonds, and Derek Jeter, but I didn’t pay much attention to anything else. I guess I was what you would call a casual fan, but then I spent the summer of 2004 in Virginia Beach. The Tidewater area of Virginia happened to be one of the areas in the running for the Montreal Expos.

During that summer I got caught up in this movement, but not so much for Virginia Beach to end up with the team. I wanted the team to end up in my hometown of Washington DC, and when the announcement became final and logos were introduced I happened to be home on Thanksgiving break. The first thing I did when I got home that Tuesday evening was to rush to the local Modell’s and buy a curly W cap. I still have that cap, shrunken and so full of dried sweat it can’t be worn.

I didn’t know I was waiting for the Nationals to arrive, but here they were and there I was as a fan. The 2005 season is one to remember, or at least the first half was. The team was mostly a collection of older players and castoffs no one else wanted, but yet they went out and won, and ended up in first place in the NL East at the All-Star Break. After that the season wasn’t so good, and from then until around September of 2011 it was hard to be a Nationals fan.

It is certain that most people will remember the back to back 100 loss seasons and how terrible they were, but 2007 and 2010 weren’t much better either. Something happened in 2011 though. Jim Riggleman walked away and a team that already had flashes of talent ended up with the right man to lead them. Davey Johnson stepped in and led the Nationals to a hot finish in September and to a 98 win season in 2012. It has been the best season I have ever witnessed as a baseball fan.

As a non-baseball fan everything has gone wrong, and I can safely say that this has been the worst year of my life. The business I worked for shutdown and I took a risk with no capital and only credit to become a Realtor. That was a big mistake and put me in a bigger hole than I was already in. Around May I helped my wife out on one of her pet sitting visits and saw that a person could make decent money doing that. The only problem is it is hard to make an eight hour day of what most clients consider a two hour window. So here I am working part time and looking high and low for a job in an over saturated environment.

It may sound and it is stupid, but the exploits of the Washington Nationals kept me going. I rode the highs and lows of this season’s team like I had no other and the highs were so much higher than they had been before. Now we have arrived at another moment that I wasn’t certain I had been waiting my entire life for, but that may very well be the case, and what happens. MLB shits on history. That is what has happened. The suits at MLB looked at their charts and graphs and figured that a night game in New York and a day game in Washington would give them the highest rankings.

I have news for them though. The New York Yankees are in the playoffs every single season. There is nothing historic about them playing a playoff game while history is being made in DC. This is the first playoff game in the nation’s capital since 1933, and that gets treated like Judge fucking Judy. Stashed away on a mid-day time-slot, and let’s not even think about the people that bought tickets. The people like me working a part time job because there aren’t any full time jobs to be found. I spent a good amount of money on the ticket I have to Wednesday’s game. The first playoff game in DC since 1933. What is arguably the most historic playoff game taking place Wednesday and it is treated like Jerry Springer.

Not to come off as sounding like I have earned something more than other fans, but I sat through the 2008 and 2009 seasons. I endured the 2005 collapse and the Soriano trade or non-trade escapade. I sat through the Jim Bowden and Stan Kasten era. I waited my entire life to have baseball in my hometown, and then I waited through seven awful seasons to have playoff baseball in my hometown only to watch it treated like your average day time soap. Sorry but the only words I have left are FUCK YOU MLB.